Imaginarium 100 Piece Mountain Rock Train Table $90 @ Toys R Us

100 Piece Train Table $90 @ Toys R Us

Head over to Toys R Us where right now they've got this Imaginarium 100-Piece Mountain Rock Train Set for just $89.99 shipped!

It's regularly $150 so this is a fantastic score! For comparison, Amazon has this same table listed for $145 so this is quite the discount!

This set includes over 100 pieces of wooden track and accessories. Assembled, the table measures 47.75"L x 32.5"W x 15.75"H.

This thing is insane and will keep your kids entertained for hours on end! And if you've got a little train lover then this deal is a no-brainer.

You can get free shipping with any order of $19 or more and this item said the shipping was free for me when I ordered it but Toys R Us does have exclusions on some heavy items so double check your shipping when ordering to see if you can get it shipped free in your location too.

If not, you can bypass the shipping fee by selecting free in-store pick up.


  • Deirdre D.

    Is there delivery to Ireland available??

  • Jenny S.

    rian would love this

  • Naomi N.

    this is the one I have :blush:

    • Terry W.

      Thanks buddy I'll show Clare. Did you purchase from Toys R Us in Ballarat. :blush:

    • Naomi N.

      There isn't a toys r us in Ballarat. I had to go to geelong but it was easy to get too :blush:

    • Terry W.

      Can I ask you how much it was :blush:

    • Naomi N.

      I paid $140 for mine but they are down to $90 at the moment. They have delivery as well :blush:

    • Terry W.

      Thanks Naomi, we just had a look on their website. Clare said Carolyn was after a bigger one like the $299 one they sell. and brought all the materials to make one so.they will give it that a go. They are both very clever so it should turn out well. Thanks for the information though appreciate that :blush:

  • Naomi N.

    this could be a good Christmas present for Bailey, my boys love theirs :blush: it's cheap at the moment!

  • Marianna H.

    Caitlin Holst

  • Leesha G.

    Ooooo so nice

  • Cheynne G.

    so nice I just realized its from USA I think hahah

  • Leesha G.

    :sob: looks like we need to move

  • Carly M.

    Its the American toys r us :persevere:

  • Jessica B.


  • Loll


    do ye deliver to Ireland ?

  • Nicole D.

    Very cool

  • Erin G.

    Will that fit in ur house hahaha

  • Erin G.

    I think it will have to haha

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