Immersion Blender With Smoothie Attachment Only $15 @ Amazon

Immersion Blender With Smoothie Attachment Only $15 @ Amazon

An immersion blender has been my favorite kitchen purchase since I got it. This baby can blend, mix and even make smoothies!

Plus while usually $39.99 right now you can score it for only $14.99. Score!

This hand blender is genius it takes the place of several kitchen appliances while having the power of a tornado.

My favorite thing to make with it is mashed cauliflower this blender will mash every floret down in seconds flat and make a healthier tastier version of mashed potatoes.

But that's not all it can also make baby food, whip eggs and lets not forget it comes with a smoothie bottle and can create your own personal smoothie in seconds flat.

Plus it has totally amazing speeds. You can choose inbetween 6 speeds or hit the turbo button for them hard to cut foods.

This is easily my favorite kitchen purchase and I use it all the time. In fact I love mine so much I bought my mom one for Mother's Day.

Amazon prime members score free shipping while non prime members just need to bump their order up another $10.01 to snag free shipping (or buy 2 blenders).


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