Jurassic World Inflatable T-Rex Costumes 2 for $90 @ Target

Jurassic World Inflatable T-Rex Costumes 2 for $90 @ Target

How funny are these!? Right now, Target has dropped the price on these extremely popular Inflatable T-Rex Costumes to JUST $60!

Even sweeter, Target is offering buy one get one half off select Halloween Costumes so when you buy two you'll score them both for just $90!

These awesome costumes are officially licensed Jurassic World costumes and they come with shoe covers, gloves and a fan with a battery pack. If you are like me and loved the nostalgic remake this year with the release of Jurassic World, these would make for a timely costume!

You've also probably seen these in viral videos this week of people wearing these during the hurricane while news stations were shooting which went viral on Facebook, that cracked me up.

These costuems are one size fits most, so if you and the hubs need a Halloween costume to bring the kids trick or treating, this is a great way to embarrass them while letting the neighbors get a good laugh.

This offer expires today at midnight so if you plan on grabbing, do so now!


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