Inflatable Unicorn Costumes From $29.99 @ Amazon

Want to grab your Halloween Costume a little early this year? Check these out!
Inflatable Unicorn Costumes From $29.99 @ Amazon

Welp, it looks like I found my Halloween costume a little early this year. Check out these hilarious inflatable unicorn costumes that are as low as $29.99 right now on Amazon. What's cool is if you toggle prices, even the large sizes of these costumes are under $40 which is a sweet deal for these inflatable costumes!

These blow up costumes are the best, I've seen the dinosaur ones but I've never seen the Inflatable Unicorn Costume like this, these are hilarious as much as they are awesome.

I think I've actually had dreams where I was a princess and I was riding a unicorn so this costume is just perfect, if you haven't started thinking about Halloween and you love Unicorn, now's your chance.

I can't wait to see the kids faces when I open the door with candy wearing this! I'll admit, I think I'll look pretty ridiculous in this, but who cares when you're a magical unicorn that's really all that matters anway.

It works so simply too, it comes with a little fan that keeps it inflated and it inflates quick and easy. Just pop in 4 AA batteries and you're good to go. Just attach the fan to your belt and you'll become an inflatable, magic unicorn. You can also toggle to other styles, there's a few to choose from and all are great prices right now!

Even sweeter, with Amazon you'll get free shipping too with over $25 minimum. Otherwise, make sure you hop over to Amazon and sign up for a free Amazon Prime Trial and you'll get free two day shipping on these.

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