Inflatable Unicorn Cup Holder $2 @ eBay

Inflatable Unicorn Cup Holder $2 @ eBay

Got any floating plans this year? Well then you need to get this Inflatable Unicorn Cup Holder over at eBay right now where it's just $1.99 with 99¢ shipping! These are selling for closer to $5 just about everywhere else.

This is a new essential for any pool parties this year that you didn't even know you needed. Floating on the lake or boating? Keep one of these on board too! For this price I grabbed a few to keep them floating around for guests to use while swimming.

This floating drink holder will work for most cans, bottles and cups. And when it's off-season and you're not enjoying the water, you can deflate them and store them for next year.

This item ships from China so you'll want to allow a few weeks for delivery. But for this one, it's coming from the highest rated seller with the most quantities remaining and the lowest price plus shipping available. And it'll be a few weeks before we're diving in anyway. Can't wait to soak up the sun with this one this year!


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