Intex Lounge Pool $155 @ Amazon

Intex Lounge Pool $155 @ Amazon

Every now and then we come across an amazing product that we just HAVE to share, and this is one of them! I've been on the hunt for this Intex Swim Center Family Lounge Pool since I first saw it but this thing sells out almost as quickly as it comes! Right now, you can get it at Amazon for just $154.99 shipped!

With 4 built in seats and 2 cup holders; you'll be enjoying the backyard swim-sesh more than the little ones. It's 7.5 feet wide by 7.5 feet so you won't have any trouble stretching out your legs like in most blow up pools. It comes with a patch just incase things get a little out of hand (we know how wild those neighbor kids can be).

Intex is a popular brand for inflatables and it's known for having quality products.

Hurry and order this pool now, because it WILL sell out fast!


  • Tanya T.

    ...this would fit on my back patio! :sunny::palm_tree::ocean::sunglasses:

  • Casey M.

    we need to buy this!!!! Please!?!?!

    • Geneva S.


  • Kimberly M.

    we need this!!!!

  • Amanda D.

    and this has you written all over it!

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