It's Back! Fire TV Stick With Alexa Voice Remote $30 @ Amazon

Fire TV Stick $30 @ Amazon

Ditching the cable bill and scoring one of these Fire TV sticks has defiantly been the best decision for me and my family

For a limited time you too can try out the awesomeness for only $29.99! These fire sticks rarely go on sale and this is amazing.

Something I will never miss with cable is paying the high bill just to find absolutely nothing on I want to watch.

Something is always on with this fire stick. It has thousands of shows ready to stream right to your TV.

It has access to Netflix, Hulu, HBO NOW, Amazon Video, and more! There is over 500,000 movies and shows to choose from.

Plus it has live TV as well perfect for sports and news stations so you will miss nothing about your cable bill while your wallet screams in joy also

To top it off this offer is available for Prime member and even non prime members and it also ships free for everyone!

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