It's Only Frickin' Tuesday Candle $20.31 @ Amazon

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It's Only Frickin' Tuesday Candle $20.31 @ Amazon

Are you snarky, sarcastic and funny and need a candle that matches that energy? The It's Only Frickin' Tuesday Candle is just that and let's everyone around you know there's no way in hell you're going to make it to Friday.

Does it ever feeling like a full year when the work week is just getting started? Can you feel each individual cell in your body beginning to die as you listen to that that annoying work wall clock? We've found the candle for you.

If you're someone who stops and thinks, how is it only Tuesday still? This is the perfect candle to pull out every Tuesday that'll let everyone know there's no way you'll be making it to Friday.

If your coworkers have a good sense of humor, this will be the candle you'll want to pull out of your desk and light every Tuesday, like clock work that's always remind them that it's only Frickin' Tuesday still.

Or, the perfect candle to get home light and hop into a relaxing bath with when you're having a long week and a fun reminder that you felt the same way last week and you made it to Friday just fine!

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