John Deere Johnny Tractor Toddler Swing $28 @ Amazon

John Deere Toddler Swing $28

John Deere has a toddler swing and it's totally the most adorable thing I have ever seen!

Plus its on a massive sale while usually $49.99 right now you can grab it for only $28.49.

My nephew just got this swing and its so cute that I had to have one myself and went looking.

That's when I found it on a huge sale and Im totally excited and can't wait to get it here.

This swing is made for infants and toddlers up to 50lbs. It even comes complete with the hanging ropes so I can hang it indoors or out.

Plus it even has a safety t-bar and belt strap for safe swinging and a comfortable bucket seat with large leg openings.

I plan on putting this on my porch but my nephew has his on mounted to their swing set so its totally universal.

To top off this amazing deal it ships completely free for both Amazon prime and non prime members!

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