Jumanji Board Game $14.26 (Reg. $25) @ eBay

Jumanji Board Game $14.26 (Reg. $25) @ eBay

Right now on eBay you can grab the Jumanji Board Game for just $14.26 (we've seen this everywhere else for $20 and up) with free shipping!

The kids have gone Jumanji crazy as of late! Not only do they love the movie, but literally anytime we see a commercial with The Rock or Kevin Hart they go nuts.

Honestly, the movie was really great. It's hard for newer movies to live up the hype of classics but I think they did a pretty good job with Jumanji especially considering how much the kids love it.

Don't worry that this is being sold on eBay, it's actually shipped from Miami and the seller has excellent reviews and if you see there it says 20 of these were sold with 98% seller rating. These are totally a safe bet to grab.

With eBay you get free standard shipping and can expect these between April 3 to April 10.


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