Jumbo Animal Pillow Chums $15 @ Walmart

Jumbo Animal Pillow Chums $15 @ Walmart

Whoa talk about amazing this pillow chums are so huge even adults can use them! Plus they are super adorable.

These come in a variety of animals and priced right now at just $14.98 I'm not passing these by.

Throw them old small pillow pets to the side these awesome jumbo pillow chums are so much better! They are huge when they lay flat or you can even velcro their belly to make them your new friend.

They come in an adorable puppy, turtle, sheep and bunny prints. But as soon as I saw that big eyed puppy I had to have it, plus of course I got the kids one as well and I couldn't forget Fido I even got him one for a new pet bed.

Who wouldn't want a jumbo pillow to snuggle up too? These are perfect for all ages and are sure to excite the kids the moment they see them.

Plus to save on shipping you can opt for free in-store pickup, alternatively shipping is free with a $35+ purchase.


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