Just Like Home Market Stand​ $24.98 shipped @ Toys R Us

Just Like Home Market Stand​ $24.98 shipped @ Toys R Us

Oh this is too cute! We love to garden at our house. And it's so fun for kids to be involved in things like that to give them a special job to do and develop their caretaking abilities; learning to nurture plants so they will grow.

We gave our daughter a few of her own plants to tend to this year. It's a great teaching tool that provides lots of rewards too. It's my hope to be able to set up a stand at our local farmers market this year... but I didn't expect my little one to beat me to it!

And with this Just Like Home Market Standfrom Toys R Us it looks like she'll be the market pro by the time our crops are ready! (And maybe by the time they are we'll let her use this stand for her actual vegetables at the farmer's market too!)

It's just $24.98 shipped (regularly $39.99)! And not only will they learn about fruits and vegetables, but they will also begin to learn about handling money, organization (because these handy bins will help them to keep all their foods organized), commerce and social skills

The Just Like Home Market Stand features:

  • Stand with Red and White awning
  • Scale
  • Cash Box
  • Shopping Bags
  • Storage Bins
  • Plastic Fruits & Vegetables
  • Play Currency

It comes with 50 pieces and assembly is required (but not difficult at all). Shipping is free for all orders over $19 so this order qualifies. No promo code needed!


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