Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit Pre-Order Now @ Amazon

Kano Harry Potter Coding Kit Pre-Order Now @ Amazon

How cool is this? Have a little one that can't get enough Harry Potter? Check out the Harry Potter Coding Kit that's available now for pre-order on Amazon!

The Kano Harry Potter Coding kit is the perfect gift for that little HP fan. This thing let's you build a wand that actually responds to your movements when you connect it to your tablet.

Just like in the movie, the coding kit comes with wand parts, batteries, step by step book that breaks down how everything works, stickers, posters oh and a free Kano app. Keep in mind the tablet isn't included it's just a kit that connects to tablets.

Learn to code the 70 challenges: Make feathers fly, goblets multiply, fire flow, pumpkins grow, and even more fun challenges your little one will love.

We just got done marathoning Harry Potter so this is such a great gift for Christmas. Usually the top Harry Potter toys sell out so now's the time to grab. These will be released on October 1st but as with all top toys, stock will be limited closer to the holidays.

No coding experience needed either, best for ages 6 and up.


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