Keep Your Face Dry With The ShowrShield

Now you can shower and keep your face dry!
Keep Your Face Dry With The ShowrShield

Etsy always has some of the coolest stuff out of all the sites we shop on and this one is no different.

The ShowrShield is the latest product to go viral and pretty much as the name suggests, it's a shield for your face that you wear in the shower to keep your face dry!

Shower Shield For Face

You might look at the ShowrShield and think it's a joke, or a novelty item, and in some respects it is. With that said, it's seriously a genius invention for those who've spent a ton on eyelashes or microbladed brows.

The Showrshield is a one size fits all adjustable velcro strap and actually makes you kinda look like a super hero I'm sure the kids will love it. You'll also want to check out some of the reviews on Etsy, the ShowrShield has so many positive ones plus it's actually a best seller on Etsy which is pretty rad.

The visor-shaped ShowrShield is such a nifty invention that protects your face from water, soap or shampoo while you shower. It's also such a brilliant was to protect your makeup, eyelashes, or microbladed brows.

Just had surgery on your face? Keep those stitches untouched by water with ShowrShield. Also, if your skin is sensitive and soap or shampoo really aggravates it, this would definitely come in handy.

It's also a genius invention for the needs of those who suffer from hyper sensory disorder.

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