Lazy Cell Phone Holder $13.99 @ Amazon

Lazy Cell Phone Holder $13.99 @ Amazon

Look mom, no hands! Check out these hands-free Lazy Cell Phone Holders at Amazon! They're priced at $13.99 right now and are Prime-eligible too so you can get free 2-day shipping with Prime or free standard with an order of $25 or more.

Now i've seen it all! Actually though this thing IS pretty genius! Like I could even cook and not have to keep reaching for my phone to check a recipe!

(And yeah, ok, binge watch in bed without holding my arms up like i'm in a double cast sling).

You can choose from three different colors - Black, Red or Purple. And these adjust to just about every phone or small tablet imaginable.

We've seen some cheaper versions out there at that Ali or eBay but buyer be warned - we read the reviews on those and they are pretty flimsy and don't do too well at supporting your phone.

And let's be honest, the worst thing that you would want to happen with this is to lose your phone into a pot of boiling water or just have it flop onto your face from 2 feet up. Ouch.


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