Learn To Swim Arm Float Discs Just $19 @ Amazon

Learn To Swim Arm Float Discs Just $19 @ Amazon

Learning kids to swim can be super stressful but these arm float discs will take the horror out of learning to swim while gaining confidence in the water.

Plus right now they are priced at just $18.99 and the lowest price we can find anywhere.

What makes these discs so wonderful is the fact that they come with 3 discs for each arm. As kids learn to swim you take off one disc at a time until they are free swimmers.

I don't know about you but them blow up armbands are a joke. You got to constantly blow them up and then worry about if they deflate in the water or just don't work altogether.

But not with these bands they are made for kids of all ages from infants through youth.

These are the same bands that swimming classes use to learn kids to swim and now you can bring home their secret at a fraction of the price.

Shipping is free with any $25+ purchase.

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