LED Light Up Stick Man Costumes (Adult & Child Sizes) $20 @ Walmart

LED Light Up Stick Man Costumes (Adult & Child Sizes) $20 @ Walmart

Oh my gosh! Head over to Walmart where you can get this Light Up Stick Man Adult Costume for just $23.22 right now. It's selling for $30+ elsewhere. Plus you can get free 2-day shipping with an order of $35 or more. Otherwise, just choose free in-store pickup and skip the five dollar shipping charge.

Well I know what I'm wearing on Halloween. Seriously you guys, I watched a video of these LED Stick Man costumes in action and they are hilarious!! I can't wait to take the kiddos trick or treating wearing this!

With a built-in hoodie, once the sun goes down the only thing you'll be able to see is the line of LED lights that make you look like a walking stick man! This suit is one size fits most and is approximately a size 40-42 (in Men's sizing guidelines) so most will have plenty of room.

They have Light Up Stick Man Halloween Child Costumes too priced at $24.72 for a Small (4-6) and $18.53 for a Medium (8-10). But actually if you get it at Jet (which is a Walmart-owned company too) you can get it for even less for the Small at just $19.87. The medium is over $34 there though so grab that from Walmart directly if you need that size since it's cheaper there.

So if you get one for yourself and the kids, you could be a whole family of stick people walking around in the dark. Ha!


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