Light Up 12" Balance Bikes Just $39 (Was $99) @ Walmart

Light Up 12" Balance Bikes Just $39 (Was $99) @ Walmart

There is nothing like the stress causing frustrations of learning your toddler to ride a bike without training wheels but now there is a better way and every family needs it.

These super popular balance bikes are rare to find on such a deep discount until now! You can score your choice for just $39 each!

Each bike is designed just like an original bike with one big difference. There is no pedals.

Training wheels on bikes help kids learn to ride but are a total nightmare when you take them off as the kids learned nothing to do with balancing.

Balance bikes are the exact opposite. In fact, they are designed to learn your kids how to skip the training wheels all together and they are foot-propelled and then the kids raise their feet to coast.

Each one has all the bells and whistles of a normal bike including steering so when your little one gets this one down pat simply give them a bike with pedals and they will take right off no training wheels required.

This bike even has adjustable handlebars and seat height so you can adjust it for your child of any age.

While this bike is cool enough all by itself we saved the best part for last as these also light up! Perfect for seeing the kids in the yard at night or just looking cool, the kids are going to love it.

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