Limited Edition Men’s Grooming Bag Just $7 @ Walmart

Men’s Grooming Bag Just $7 @ Walmart

Beauty boxes for women are always a hot commodity but did you know that Walmart makes one for men too?

Now you men can feel just as pampered as us women and for only $7 with free shipping they are a steal!

This grooming bag has a huge $18 value and Im not letting it pass me by.

We have seen the women beauty boxes sellout in just hours after being released so you do not want to sleep on this.

This ultimate grooming bag includes a 5-in-1 face lotion, 3-Blade razor with 2 replacement cartridges, Body Benefits face brush, ACT restoring mouthwash, Selsun Blue Active body wash + shampoo + conditioner.

Even sweeter this is not a reoccurring subscription. When you purchase this grooming bag it is a one time purchase only.

Shipping is absolutely free.


  • dcordova

    when I click the link it just goes back to the home page . I would ljke to purchase this item before its gone . Thanks

    • Brittany25826

      I resubmitted the link, try again it should work :) 

  • Mybuddyelmo

    Same thing happened to me

    • Brittany25826

      Link has been resubmitted. Try again and let us know if it works :)

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