Loch Ness Monster Ladle Just $3 @ Amazon

Loch Ness Monster Ladle Just $3 @ Amazon

There's been a sighting mamas… We caught a glimpse of this Loch Ness Monster Design Ladle for just $3 each on Amazon! For just $6.99 you can grab 2 of these adorable ladles!!

We love this adorable ladle for obvious reasons, it's hilariously cute, but it's also functional. Nessie has feet to keep it standing upright on the counter or inside the pot so you can stop fishing lost spoons out of hot soup.

It's made of a food grade, heat resistant nylon so it can be safely used in hot sauces or cold punches and it's an awesome sighting!!

Head over to Amazon where you can score them for just 3 bucks a pop and get it shipping for free if you're an Amazon Prime user. Get over to Amazon and capture the Nessie Ladle before she goes back into hiding.


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