Mac Case & Keyboard Cover $10 @ Tanga

Mac Case & Keyboard Cover $10 @ Tanga

Have a Macbook you want to keep in good shape? Hurry over to Tanga, where you can score one of these highly rated Rubberized Hard Matte Cases for only $9.99 shipped!

These cute little cases are normally $49 but grab one today you'll be able to get 80% off your case!

I decided to reluctantly add a case to my Macbook because I thought adding a case would add weight and I thought all cases were ugly, boy was I wrong.

These rubberized cases are amazing! They've really made my entire laptop experience better! They add grip so your laptop is easier to grab, they come with a keyboard cover which is a plus so the kids don't gunk it up and the colors these are available in are all beautiful.

The rubberized material these cases are made out of it high quality and fingerprints don't show on it which amazing! Putting it on took two seconds, just snap-on and you're good to go!

Plus they are just 10 bucks! Totally worth every penny! Get yours today!


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