Magic Anti-Sand Beach Mat Just $16.99 @ Groupon

Magic Anti-Sand Beach Mat Just $16.99 @ Groupon

Is there anything worse than getting sand on your towel when you're trying to lay out at the beach? It's one of my least favorite things about the beach with how uncomfortable it can be. These magic anti-sand mats fix that.

These genius mats have gone viral all over the internet and are such a great solution for preventing sand from getting on your beach towel. Usually you can't find them anywhere for less than $30. Luckily we spotted them on Groupon for a whopping 66% off and you'll be able to score them for just $16.99 each!

What's great about these anti sand beach mats is they allow sand to fall through but not back up. Making sand on top of your towel almost impossible as you'll be popping your towel on top of this handy mat.

It's also super portable, even lighter than a towel. Just fold it up and pop it in your beach bag and you can thank us later. This thing is pretty much a must for any regular beach go-ers and a great invention overall.

These mats measure 59”x78”x1” and you can also choose from blue green and pink in these anti sand beach mats.


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