Matching Family Bear Slippers $9.98 @ Walmart

These family matching bear slippers are the cutest.
Matching Family Bear Slippers $9.98 @ Walmart

Every once and while we find some cute steals from Walmart and today we spotted these adorable Matching Family Bear Slippers that you can grab for the whole family at Walmart online.

Wearing family matching stuff is the cheesiest, cutest trend going on right now and we're all for it. Especially when it's winter themed like Christmas pajamas or winter inspired slippers like these.

What's great is there are actually a few styles to choose from and a bunch of sizes. Get a pair for the whole family as they have Papa Bear in sizes 7 to 14, Mama Bear in sizes 5 to 12, Lil Bear in kids sizes to 2 to 13 and even a Baby Bear pair (which are seriously too cute) in baby sizes from 1 to 6.

These are ultra comfy and feature a memory foam insole and you can choose from red plaid or the fuzzy white outside pair. What's sweet is the prices, the adult sizes are just $9.98 and the kid sizes are $8.89. These would totally be the perfect pair of family matching slippers for that classic Christmas family picture this year.

You can even order them online and choose free store pickup to save on shipping costs!

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  • Eleonor N.

    Meen ez!

  • Sara H.

    e, we should get these with our Christmas jammies!

  • Jessica R.

    Super cute but it says they are sold out when you click the link above.

  • Jessica R.

    Raynesha West I wonder if they are on display at all wal marts?

  • Raynesha W.

    Jessica Lynn Reid I'm not quite sure, I do know they have them on display in some Texas Walmarts

  • Kate K.

    too much?!? :wink:

  • Andrea F.


  • Rebecca S.


  • Kaitlyn A.

    I think the internet is trying to tell you something today

  • Alexis L.

    I love these they have them at Walmart I want to get!

  • Courtney J.

    these are so cute

  • Channon A.

  • Stefanie S.

    !!!! Our family neeeeeeds.

  • Ashley W.

    the kids don’t really need, I just want a pair of the mama ones for myself lol

  • Nancee P.

    , we need these!

  • Jessica M.

    yes ma'am agree

  • Amy D.

    Christmas present idea for my family :grin:

  • Javier S.

    how freaking cute !

  • Amanda R.

    Xmas 2020?

  • Javier S.

    yes :blush:

  • Susie W.

    omg too cute!!!!

  • Kristi D.

    i’m pretty sure you just said you don’t like Walmart or their quality

  • Ashley W.

    for the kids lol. The post was about kids clothes.... their kid clothes sucks lol.

  • Kristi D.

    this is probably what I’m gonna have to get since Disney store apparently isn’t getting any this year :rage:

  • Ashley W.

    These are cute

  • Monique C.


  • Destiny P.

    so cute I want to get these