Baggy Winecoat Wine Purse Only $21.50 @ Amazon

Where has this been my whole life?!
Baggy Winecoat Wine Purse Only $21.50 @ Amazon

Need to sneak some wine in somewhere but not sure the trick? Check out the Wine Purse made by the company Menu that they've dubbed the Baggy Winecoat. With the wine purse, you'll be sneaking in wine, anywhere and everywhere in the most stealth way possible with your wine bag disguised as a purse.

Give your bag in a box wine a little style and pop it into a wine purse, it so easy to do too just take the bag out of the box, put it in the wine purse and close the top. Instantly portable wine that looks like a purse. I could totally see this being useful for parties, camping, going to the lake, trips to the beach, the possibilities are endless.

I thought this was just a gimmick so I grabbed a wine purse for my sister and she uses it all the time, I had to grab one myself with how she talked about it. The best part? We paid way more than this, before these were over $35 but today you'll be able to grab one for only $21.50 whic his a total steal.

The wine purse is totally functional, and really just an easy way to carry wine around.

Some things she's mentioned and loves is how you can sit it down anywhere thanks to the rubber bottom, also its big enough to pop an ice pack inside and also that no one has every noticed when she's carried it.

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