Mermaid And Unicorn Nail Polish Only $2 @ Hollar

Mermaid And Unicorn Nail Polish Only $2 @ Hollar

Calling all mermaid and unicorn fans! For a limited time you can grab mermaid or unicorn nail polish for only $2 each!

These go for as much as $7 everywhere else and is an amazing buy for all us magical creation lovers.

There is several colors available for each but you will want to be fast as these polishes just launched and one color is already out of stock.

There is nothing like sporting around your favorite colors of finger nail polish to compliment your outfit. I love changing my colors weekly and I just found my new favorites.

New customers and ClubOrange members can score free shipping with a $10+ purchase while existing non ClubOrange customers can snag free shipping with a $25+ purchase.

Don't forget while your shopping to check out their Clearance. Where you can find savings up to 80% off!


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