Mini Village Gingerbread House Kit Just $9.99 @ Amazon

Now everyone in the whole family can create their own house!
Mini Village Gingerbread House Kit Just $9.99 @ Amazon

Why create just one gingerbread house with the family when you can create a whole Mini Village out of Gingerbread Houses? For a limited time, you can score this entire village kit for just $9.99 at Amazon.

Mini Village Gingerbread House Kit

This Mini Village Gingerbread House Kit is an exceptional way to show off your artistic side. It comes with all the supplies you need to create 4 sweet houses.

With so many supplies you could do a gingerbread house build for your next family party. Each kit contains 4 sets of gingerbread house panels, 3 types of candy, green fondant, red and white ready-to-use icing, 2 decorating bags and tips, 4 Sewanta Candy Holders, plus a helpful instruction sheet.

The best part even if you are uncrafty like me the instruction sheet guides you through 4 different house designs that are simple to follow along or you can go all out and show your imaginative side with each build.

There's no limit to the endless possibilities you can create with this.

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  • Teresa S.

    That’s mine!!

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    yep. We’re ready!!

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  • Maggie B.

    this is mine this year lol

  • Randi M.

    project for you and mini-M

  • Stacey L.

    I should have done that :joy::joy:

  • Mary H.

    this is exactly how mine would turn out! The tornado is clever!

  • Randi M.

    add some little green and black striped legs sticking out of the rubble

  • Dawn C.

    your house

  • Abbie S.

    That looks like our gingerbread houses!

  • Sarah T.

    lol x

  • Natalie S.

    have you made this one?

  • Alexis J.

    you are so funny :sob:

  • Natalie S.

    if you don’t remember I can ask Lily I’m sure she remembers lol :laughing:

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    we could do that!

  • Mary E.

    why did none of us ever think ab this :joy:

  • Rachel H.

    we needed this for years