Minnie Mouse Vintage Play Kitchen Down To $150 @ Amazon

Minnie Mouse Vintage Play Kitchen Down To $150 @ Amazon

Never mind the kids, I want to play with this Minnie Mouse vintage play kitchen myself!

It's jammed full of stylish entertainment for kids and on sale for just $149.99!

This kitchen is a huge hit in the preschool world and when you look at how many fun things you can do with this it's no surprise at all.

This kitchen features a polka dot curtain, heart-shaped oven and cabinet doors that really open and close. Plus the stylish Minnie Mouse clock to tie it all together.

Oh, but there is more it also has a sink, 2 burners, an ice maker in the fridge, and a telephone. I can see many kids playing with this for hours. Heck, I'll play with it with them.

I love that this is made of quality wood that will be super sturdy and built to last. Pair that with the stylishness of this and its easily going to be the best play kitchen you could ever ask for.

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