Monster Jam 12V Grave Digger Ride On 50% Off @ Target

Find this ride on in stock around you and you can score it half off!
Monster Jam 12V Grave Digger Ride On 50% Off @ Target

Oh my, know a little Grave Digger fan? I almost missed this! Today hop over to Walmart where you can get this awesome Monster Jam 12V Grave Digger ride on half off when you select free store pickup!

You'll have to find a store that already has stock of them so change your zip code to find a Target location with this ride on in stock. Once you've done that, add that item to your cart for store pickup to get the deal!

The Monster Jam Grave Digger Ride On is the perfect ride on for any digger fan! Designed for kids three and up this ride on will have your little one feeling like they're actually in Monster Jam!

The Grave Digger Ride on features a single speed gear box as well as forward and reverse driving, it's also got massive 330mm x 145mm wheels with rubber traction strip on all 4 tires 2-wheel rear drive motor Engine with a real life like start sound as well as functioning horn and front light.

The cool part is this one is the classic grave digger style! Talk about a ride on that kids will get excited about, we've been to Monster Jam a few times and for some reason the kids always know about Grave Digger, I think it's because of the commercials they feature him in but really who wouldn't love this fun ride on!

This is an exclusive in store pickup deal by Target. You can't get it shipped to you, but you can toggle around zip codes to find it in stock at a local Target. If you find it in stock, you'll have an option to pick it up from that store and once you've done that you'll see these drop to half price in your cart.

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