Mr. Sketch Scented Markers 12-Pack $5

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers 12-Pack $5

Back to school shopping and need to stock up on markers? Right now Amazon has this 12 Pack of these highly rated Mr. Sketch Scented Markers on sale for $5! That's just $0.42 per marker. Plus if you have Amazon prime you can get them shipped free!

Every penny matters during back to school shopping! That's why going with these Scented Markers from Mr. Sketch while school shopping is the way to! This set of markers has OVER 1600 5 star reviews on Amazon, and for good reason they are the best!

The best thing about these markers is they will last, the reason they have so many good reviews is because parents swear they won't dry out... for years! I can attest, we've used they for school projects for over a year and we haven't gone easy on them and they've lasted perfectly so far. A year is a long time for markers to stay in good shape and not dry any if you ask me.

If you need to stock up for back to school, this is the deal to grab!


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