NetGear WiFi Range Extender Only $10 + Free Shipping (Reg. $30) @ Newegg

NetGear WiFi Range Extender Only $10 + Free Shipping (Reg. $30) @ Newegg

Wifi is a must have in nearly every house but its also a huge pain when you go to connect and it keeps dropping you or your signal is so low it will barely load.

No worries now this Wifi range extender will bring you faster internet throughout your home. Plus its priced at just $10 when you enter promo code EMCPERU38 at checkout.

My internet used to get on my last nerve and someone told me to get one of these range extenders and it has been excellent since.

Simply place this half way between the room that is giving you the trouble and your modem. I have mine set up in the kitchen and the whole house draws excellent Wifi and my microwave no longer interferes with signal like it used to either.

Plus it works great on our phones, game systems and computers. This has been a complete life saver and we now dont even experience lag when several devices are being used.

To top off this amazing buy it also ships completely free! This is one sale you will not want to miss and its perfect for every household with Wifi.


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