Newlywed Anniversary Wine Box $24 @ Zulily

Newlywed Anniversary Wine Box $24 @ Zulily

These anniversary wine boxes are so adorable. My friend was gifted one for her wedding shower with wine in it and we all fell in love with it.

I went looking for my own wine box and found this one on a huge sale these are going for $75+ everywhere else and right now you can score this one for just $24 at Zulily.

This box will keep your first 3 years of wine bottles for and from your anniversary safely and sentimentally boxed up in a wonderfully cute display box.

Each little cabinet says "Open on your first, second, or third anniversary" so not only will you have this brilliant box for holding your wine while you wait but it also can hold your bottles after you drunk them together.

It even has cute captions on the front to remind you which bottle was for what year after you open and consume each. This is sure to be a time piece that can be treasured for years and years to come.

This would make the perfect wedding present, anniversary gift or a gift just because. Im buying one just because I absolutely love the idea and think its too cute.

Shipping adds $5.95 but this scores you free shipping site wide for the next 3 days. So come back later and go shopping or shop now. Zulily always has amazing daily deals.


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