Nickelodeon Dora's Unicorn Trail Playhut Ball Pit $30 @ Walmart

Nickelodeon Dora's Unicorn Trail Playhut Ball Pit $30 @ Walmart

How exciting! Anytime you mix unicorns with anything me and the kids love it but when you combine unicorns with Dora, a tent and even a ball pit things just got totally awesome.

Plus right now this is priced at only $29.99 while going for nearly $50 everywhere else this is a deal that is just to awesome too pass up.

My toddler absolutely goes crazy when she sees unicorns or Dora and I can only imagine what she is going to do when she opens this Christmas morning.

This playhut features Twist 'N Fold technology so with just a twist it is foldable and easily stored and it gets even better for set up simply throw it in the air or sit it on the floor and it expands and does all the work for you in a second flat. No poles, no struggles sounds pretty amazing.

There is so much to do in this playhut from playing the ball toss game to going into the enchanted forest my child is going to spend hours and hours playing with this for sure.

Plus you can also score free in-store pickup to save on shipping or simply bump your order up another $5.01+ to score free shipping straight to your door.


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