Nightmare Before Christmas Backpacks From $14 @ Walmart

Now this is a backpack all ages can love!
Nightmare Before Christmas Backpacks From $14 @ Walmart

Have you ever seen such an amazing backpack? These Nightmare Before Christmas Backpacks scream must-have all over them and priced as low as $13.99 how could you not want to treat yourself or kids to something this special?

Nightmare Before Christmas Backpacks

These Nightmare Before Backpacks are sure to be a hit with people of all ages simply because they are themed out in the epic Jack Skellington himself.

While there are several different designs to choose from each one measures on average about 16" making them the perfect fit to shove all your belongings in for an overnight trip or jam all your school books right in.

They come in your choice of styles and colors each one featuring a theme that is insanely adorable. It's safe to say I want them all.

Shipping varies from free to flat rate.

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