Nostalgia Electrics Mini Donut Factory Only $99 (w/ Code) @

Nostalgia Electrics Mini Donut Factory Only $99 (w/ Code) @

This look like a really fun activity I just have to do with the kids! The Mini Donut Factory is a cool little invention that lets you make donuts at home!

For a limited time it's on sale at, plus when you use promo code SAVE15 you'll knock 15% off this bad boy bringing it to just $99!

When it comes to buying donuts, I always pass on them. They're just sugar anyway. But this thing is different, to me this is more of activity the kids and I get to do together, and they get to eat their creation!

From the reviews it seems like the donuts taste more like funnel cakes than donuts, but the kids will love them the same. I know they'll just love the idea they're eating snacks that they made (like an easy bake oven).

The video of these things looks cool too, it's fast, it's pretty straightforward and easy to use and it really is a blast watching this machine shoot out donuts.


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