Appliance Door Handle Covers From $4.49 @ eBay

Appliance Door Handle Covers From $4.49 @ eBay

Look what I just spotted these are super cute and I just snagged one up to gift my Mom. These oven handle covers are price in between $4.49-$4.99 each and will make your oven or refrigerator adorable.

With your choice of grapes or apples these will make your kitchen so cozy.

My mom's kitchen is done in grapes and wine so as soon as I spotted this cover I knew it would match perfectly.

These covers have a Velcro strip on the back so she will be able to take it off and on easily and since its made of soft felt she can just pop it in her washer when it needs cleaned.

These covers could also work for refrigerator doors, dishwasher handles and any other longer handle you may have in your kitchen. These would be adorable to match on everything.

These great covers ship free, which is a huge score for me since my mom lives a bit over and hour away I just shipped it straight to her house.


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