Oversized Beach Towels Only $5.88 @ Walmart

Oversized Beach Towels Only $5.88 @ Walmart

Have you ever tried laying down on your beach towel? Its annoyingly to small even if you just move an inch.

But no worries they now make these oversized beach towels and they are priced at only $5.88 each saving you $13!

These come in 10 adorable prints and I really have no idea how Iam ever going to decide which ones to buy.

They are cuter then ever from the watermelon smiley face to the beach scene I totally want them all.

These oversized towels are 30x70 inch which gives plenty of room to roll around on without hitting the sand and wrapping up in them to dry off will be perfect.

To save on shipping opt in for free in-store pickup. Alternatively shipping is free with a $35+ purchase.


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