Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor Now 34% Off @ Amazon

Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor Now 34% Off @ Amazon

If you have an infant or expecting one this is the one thing you do not want to miss on sale.

For a limited time the Owlet smart sock baby monitor falls 34% off bringing this essential monitor down to the lowest price ever of $199!

Wondering what makes the monitor so popular? It keeps an eye on your baby while your sleeping, showering, cooking and doing your normal routines.

Simply place this sock on your bundle of joys foot and it keeps up with their heart rate and oxygen level. If either one drop to low or go up to high this will sense it and alert you.

It's like an extra parent watching your baby even while your sleeping. Which means a better night sleep for everyone.

If it senses something wrong it will alert you with lights and sounds on the monitor and even send you a notification on your phone so you don't have to stare at the monitor to be able to know your little one is OK.

This is the perfect gift idea for all new parents or ones expecting and is the lowest price we have ever seen it go which means you do not want to wait on this it could end at any minute.

Shipping is free.

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