OXO Kitchen Supplies From $7 + Free Shipping @ Zulily

OXO Kitchen Supplies From $7 + Free Shipping @ Zulily

We all love to save cash when it comes to groceries but if you don't store it right then it goes stale, tastes bad or even gets flour bugs, yuck!

OXO kitchen supplies puts an end to that with storage that stays fresh and kitchen items that you will love. For 3 days only you can grab all of your must-haves from $6.99!

There are several amazing options to choose from including big sets down to single items, no matter what you choose you can never go wrong with OXO.

My favorite items for OXO is defiantly their pop containers and no we are not talking about soda. These containers literally pop the air right out of them and keep anything stored airtight and fresh until your ready to use it.

But you can't forget about their super awesome kitchenware and utensils. This stuff puts the quality right where you need it. This sale is super exciting.

This is a great opportunity to save on your kitchen storage ware and quit throwing away food just because it didn't keep. With OXO, I know all of my food is airtight, fresh and waiting even months later.

Shipping for anything OXO is free!

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