Ozark Trail Double Person Folding Chairs $35 @ Walmart

Ozark Trail Double Person Folding Chairs $35 @ Walmart

Wow look at these awesome finds you can either score a 2 person set with cooler and umbrella or a padded love seat for under $35! This is a savings of up to $65!

My kids are all about sports so I grabbed up the set with the umbrella now not only do I have an awesome place to sit down I also have an umbrella to keep us cool and a cooler for my drinks. This is outdoor luxury.

I also spotted this Ozark Trail padded love seat, perfect for couples or even your toddler to nap on. This love seat would come in handy no matter where you go from sports to camping and with padding its extra comfortable what an awesome find.

We enjoy camping and finding this fold up furniture on sale this time of the year is very rare. I love spotting great finds that we can use for multiple uses.

The umbrella set ships free with no additional purchase. The love seat needs bumped up $0.03 to ship free I would just grab something small on sale or opt for free in store pickup to avoid shipping charges.


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