Pack Of 12 Ticonderoga Pencils Just $1 @ Office Depot

Pack Of 12 Ticonderoga Pencils Just $1 @ Office Depot

The world's best selling pencil and loved by all teachers is finally back on sale for an astonishing $1 for a pack of 12!

This is a super rare deal that makes them just $0.08 a pencil!

This is part of Office Depots huge up to 80% off school sale.

Schools have slowly been coming back in throughout the states and these pencils make the perfect back to school gear.

These are our homes favorite and every teacher in our school district prefers them over any other brand.

Wondering what makes these Ticonderoga Pencils so much sweeter? The quality. These 100% stand out when compared to most pencils just because the feel of them along with the lead quality and how they write.

With a sale this great now is the time to stock up for the whole school year and Im not thinking twice.

Shipping is free with any purchase of $35 or more.


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