Party Island Inflatables Are Finally In-stock And Only $150 @ Sam's Club

Party Island Inflatables $150 @ Sam's Club

Have you seen one of these hot giant inflatables that are taking over lakes and beaches?

They have been nearly impossible to find but we just spotted them in-stock and priced at only $149.99 at Sam's Club!

These party islands are totally insane in person! They hold up to 6 people and even have cup holders for everyone.

Plus they are in totally fun prints like a unicorn, flamingo and peacock.

Even sweeter the flamingo and unicorn both have a built in cooler so you can keep your drinks chilled while partying it out.

Of course just being around the water is fun but when you have a giant animal float like this that your whole family can fit on its totally epic.

To top it off if your a Sam's Club member you can score free shipping.

If your not a member no worries you can still score this inflatable for just $15 more. But this is going for $100+ everywhere else so you can not beat it.

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