Pavilion Games Giant Jenga Set $39.99 (Reg. $50) @ Toys R Us

Pavilion Games Giant Jenga Set $39.99 (Reg. $50) @ Toys R Us

Looking to wow your family? This huge Jenga set will do just that. Its a fun game that will have the whole family involved and priced at only $39.99 you save $10!

Plus even sweeter you score free shipping!

We are a Jenga loving family but little did we know when we went for the plunge and bought this huge set that it would turn Jenga even more epic.

When its time for family get togethers and bbq's you can bet we bring this set to it. Not only does it make people say wow but adults love it just as much as the kids and everyone gets involved for a fun day of laughter.

Plus the kids even have fun building things with this huge set. They have built forts and towers and what ever their young minds can imagine. Its like the ultimate game all in one.

When its time to pack Jenga up for next time no worries it comes with its own tote bag so you just have to stack them in there and they are ready for the next fun filled day of play.


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