Personalized 5x7 Hardcover Photo Book $4 + Free In-Store Pickup @ Walmart

5x7 Hardcover Photo Book $4 @ Walmart

Wow momma's we can never get enough photos of our special memories and when you put them in a book it makes for a masterpiece that you can flip through over and over.

Which makes me super happy we just spotted these photo books for only $4! Im making one for our wedding and another one for each vacation, plus some for gifts. I love photo books.

I have several of these books and they look gorgeous! They come with a hardcover so I can slide them in and out of my shelf with ease and 20 full colored pages personalized to my liking.

Usually I make one of these books every year for our Christmas morning photos. It makes for a great opportunity to read and look at every Christmas without having to dig through a ton of pictures.

But since these are so super cheap Im grabbing up some of our family vacations, my wedding and even a few more for gifts for the holidays. They have a huge variety of themes to choose from and Im going picture happy over here and saving a ton.

Even sweeter to save on shipping I chose free in-store pickup and I will just swing by and grab them the next time Im at the store.

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