Personalized JoJo Siwa Be You Tote Bag $18 @ Walmart

Personalized JoJo Siwa Be You Tote Bag $18 @ Walmart

This tote bag will surely make your JoJo Siwa lovers life complete! From going to school, shopping or just a sleep over this tote bag is sure to be their new favorite.

Plus its personalized to include any name of your choosing and for just $18 this is going to make your child and wallet happy.

JoJo Siwa is a social media sensation, dancer and singer and is famous for her inspirational messages and love of bows.

She is loved by kids across the nation and is on every ones Christmas list. If you have a JoJo fan you will not want to miss out on this personalized tote bag especially if you have trouble finding anything personalized for that name, as this can be personalized with any letters.

Plus it is a huge at 12"x16" and can carry a little bit of everything. To save on shipping opt for free in-store pickup. Alternatively shipping is free with a $35+ purchase.


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