Pimple Pete Family Board Game Just $5 @ Amazon

Pimple Pete Family Board Game Just $5 @ Amazon

Have you heard? Spin Master just introduced Pimple Pete the pimple popping game a couple months ago and it has been a total success.

This super hilarious game of popping pimples is discounted to $5 limited time.

Everyone is raving about this brand new game and who can blame them? I mean every family game night should include popping pimples, right?

Wondering the what the hype is? This game is about Pete and he doesn't just come with a few pimples were talking pimples from one side of his face to the other and then some.

On your turn, you will spin the spinner and pop a pimple. Yes, we're talking fleshy, pus expanding zits. But that is not all one of them is a mega zit and when it pops you get soaked in zit juice, yuck!

Sadly finding the mega zit also eliminates you. The winner is the one that accumulates the most points without popping the mega pimple.

Sounds pretty gross right? It really is and it makes for a hilarious family game night. I was excited to add this to our collection for Christmas and it is one of our favorites to pull out of the closet.

Shipping is free with any $25 or more purchase.

Check it out:

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