PODillow Face Down Valuable Storing Tanning Pillow $25 @ Amazon

PODillow Face Down Valuable Storing Tanning Pillow $25 @ Amazon

Look out outdoors here I come with my very own PODillow! Now I can face down and get my tan on while keeping my valuables safe.

Plus I just scored me this totally awesome pillow for just $24.99!

I absolutely love taking the kids to the water and laying out in the sun to get a nice tan.

But I hate that I always have to put my face sideways and end up burning my face and killing my neck and my back.

This PODillow puts the end to all of that. Now I can lay comfortably face down plus this even has a storage place to keep my phone, keys, money or anything else I may have on me safe.

Plus it gets even better this is the perfect pillow for back massaging too! This pillow is going to come such in handy that I cant wait for it to arrive. I can see using it all the time.

Even sweeter this ships free with Amazon prime! Not a member? No worries you can score free shipping when adding anything else to your cart that totals $0.01 or more. Grab something small and save a ton on shipping charges.


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