Pokemon Pikachu Boys' Baseball Hats $10.50 @ Target

Pokemon Pikachu Boys' Baseball Hats $10.50 @ Target

Have a little one that can't get enough Pokemon Go? Right now over at Target you can get 10% off all Pokemon essentials. We spotted this Pikachu hat that is too cute and would be perfect for your little Poke Trainer!

Pokemon go has gone completely viral! And my kids can't get enough of it. So far I'm a big fan of the game because it promotes getting outside, getting active and (so far) it hasn't cost much money.

But my favorite thing about this game is how much different my kids are into than others. They go so so over the top dog walks have become Poke walks, and our backyard isn't a backyard anymore it's a pokemon resting area. These hats are perfect for your little trainer to let there imagination run wild!

As you can see this Pokemon Go fad is at least more entertaining for me so far as opposed to video games that get played a few times and then collect dust. Grab one of these hats to keep the momentum!


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