Pomsies And Grumblies Available Now For Pre-Order @ Amazon

Pomsies And Grumblies Available Now For Pre-Order @ Amazon

The next hot toy that is going to have all the kids begging for them is available now for pre-order.

These toys will be available August 1st and you can order now and lock in their rate of only $14.99-$19.99!

The best part is you will not be charged until these ship! Which means order now and worry about paying later.

Pomsies will tell you when they feel tired, cold or even hungry with their adorable light up eyes, purring and over 50 cute sounds and only you can give them what they need!

Plus you can pet them, hug them and love them and with their touch sensors they can feel exactly what you do.

Pomsies is the next cutest toy that all kids will be begging which is the exact opposite of the Grumblies they are everything but cute.

The more you mess with them the angrier they become and your goal is to make them have a total meltdown.

When they are mad they rage up a solar flare, from bright white light to deep shades of red, they tremble with rage from their head!

Plus they have 40 different reactions and custom sounds that play exclusively when you poke, shake, tilt and roll them.

Each Grumblies also has its own personality that will have you loving every minute of their rage. How much more awesome could they get?

I can see my kids begging for these and Im doing myself a favor and pre-ordering them now so Im not on the hunt for them later.

Amazon prime members score free shipping while non prime members just need to bump their order up to $25+ to snag free shipping (or purchase 2+)


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