Pony Up Daddy Saddle Just $35 @ Amazon

Pony Up Daddy Saddle Just $35 @ Amazon

It's time to Pony Up Daddy (and mommy too) because the kids are going to be begging to take the next turn with this amazing creation.

Right now you can grab one of this super cool saddles for just $34.99.

All kids love riding on their parents but having them tug on your apparel trying to hold on just ruins it and not to mention falling off is always a hazard.

Not any longer this Pony Up Daddy creation will give the kids somewhere sturdy to sit and hold on to while being universal for about every figure and size.

This has amazing reviews and is the WINNER of The National Parenting Center's "Seal of Approval"!

There is several fun colors and prints to choose from including sheriff blue, princess pink, captain camouflage, and my favorite sassy leopard.

This is one of those things that will thrill kids and parents alike after all who doesn't loving playing with your little ones in style?

Shipping is free.


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