Poop Emoji Slippers Now Just $6.99 @ eBay

Poop Emoji Slippers Now Just $6.99 @ eBay

Why get the kids regular old slippers this winter when instead you can go with these hilarious Poop Emoji Slippers? These are down to just $6.99 on eBay right now, which is a total steal for these.

These fun slippers are everyone's favorite emoji. I seriously can't get enough poo right now (as creepy as that sounds) all the poo night lights and slippers are just too funny!

These fun slippers have a cozy inside so you're little one can walk around the house not only in a fun way, but a comfy way that has the poo smiley emoji for everyone to see.

These seem to be kid sizes 8 and 10 available, the 8 are 9 inch and 10 are 10 inch.

With eBay shipping is a flat $2.49 for these, plus they ship from New Jersey.


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